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Excellent Plot of Land on the Costa Dorada, Spain


Plot of Land - Costa Dorada


An excellent Plot of Land ready to develop a profitable real estate project

This plot of land offers a good business opportunity for investors interested in developing a profitable real estate project, oriented to the vacation sector of tourist housing "Family Resort" with the Buy-to-Rent exploitation model, or to alternative sectors on the rise in Spain as the "Senior Resorts".

Its physical and legal characteristics make it very attractive for the immediate development of the project, with operational guarantees of success, in an environment where a constructive capacity for hotel use is scarce and with an increasing demand in the Costa Dorada.

The commercial viability and profitability of the project is guaranteed by the interannual growth indicators of international tourism in the area, its increase in occupancy and overnight stays reaching limits of 89%, the constant increase in the demand for holiday homes, and the existence of similar projects consolidated and successful in the area and in need of expansion.

This unique and special land will allow the development of a large strategic and profitable real estate project in the area, which will generate a great economic-labor impact with the creation of jobs, and which will give prestige, recognition and positioning among the collective and tourist-hotel environment .

ARCS DAURADA RESORT is special for investment of migration through the Spain Golden Visa program, both for the creation of companies that generate jobs and economic impact, as well as for real estate investments.


LOCATION of the Plot of LAND

Located to the south of the municipality of Vinyols i els Arcs, connected urbanistically with the urban center of Cambrils, in the province of Tarragona, Spain.

It stands out for its magnificent location in the heart of the Costa Dorada, Tarragona, Spain, is located 500m from the tourist, gastronomic, and commercial core of Cambrils, its main beaches, and 10 'from the tourist center of Salou-Port Aventura.

Coordinates: 41 ° 04'38.6 "N 1 ° 04'17.2" E


The surface of the Plot of Land is of 7.54 Ha (75.400 m2 - 811.598 ft2), formed by three Land Plots:

· A: 4.05 Ha.

· B: 2.75 Ha.

· C: 0.74 Ha.

Topographical documentation available.


€140 euros m2  - €13 euros ft2

Optionally, the participation of the owners in the real estate project to be developed will be valued.


Coefficient: 0.50 m2 / m2 of exclusive use Hotel

Buildable: 37,696 m2, without reservation of VPO-VPC.

50% occupancy

Use of 51%

10% of the building capacity is reserved (3.770m2).

Building capacity of 33,926 m2 on an area of 38,450 m2.

The compensation system will be applied.

A geotechnical, flood, and archaeological study of the area is available.

The results are optimal, and the resulting technical parameters are suitable for the good urban development of the plot.


The Land has the autonomic urban licenses and the municipal approval to develop immediately the partial plan, urbanization project and construction of the holiday complex, with exclusive hotel use.

The land is free of charges and daily taxes. The official documentation that accredits it is available.

In the land farms (A and B), there are currently two economic activities (Parking of Caravans and Adventure Park)  with a temporary use license and with the commitment to finish the activity immediately if the sector is developed in an urbanistic manner or at the request of the City Council.





The plot of land is practically flat, with a very smooth slope from north to south and located at a height of 25m from the sea level.

Bordering to the North with the N-340 road (A-7), main entrance to the Cambrils city, to the East with an area declared by the municipality as park-green zone and which is adjacent to the Maspujols dry river (located at 20 meters unevenness), to the South with the urbanization of single-family houses "Mas de la Torre" of Cambrils, and to the West with the Camping-Bungalows Amfora d'Arcs.

Land plot B, located to the south of the land of plot and bordering Cambrils, has a plantation of 700 native olives trees (30, 60 and 100 years old), with autonomous irrigation of the well of water (90m Depth - 60.000 l/h) Own legalized. An important asset for future urbanization.

You access the three land plots that make up the land, the N-340 two of them (A and C), and the urbanization of single-family houses "Molí de la Torre" of Cambrils the land plot B. Fully fenced and with door access and security.

You can see the coast and the sea of ​​Cambrils - Salou from the plot of land being a few meters high elevation.

All land plots have electricity supply.

Very well connected: at 200m access to the A-7 motorway (N-340), 2 km (in Cambrils) entrance to the Mediterranean motorway AP-7, and 300 m to the south, the Cambrils-Salou motorway Coast road.

This communications infrastructure allows to communicate the Parcel of Land:

10 minutes from Salou, tourist town par excellence, and Port Aventura.

10 minutes from Reus International Airport

15 minutes from three international golf courses (BonMont Terres Noves- Reus AigüesVerds - Lumine Hills),

15 minutes from Tarragona, and its architectural complex declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and Reus, recognized as a shopping city, for its modernist heritage and its extensive and diverse cultural offer.

30 minutes from the Priorat, wine area of ​​great importance.

40 minutes from the Delta del Ebro, an extraordinary place of natural interest.

1 hour from the big city of Barcelona.

1 hour from the "Parc Natural del Montsant" and the Prades Mountains, nature reserve excellence.


Land located in the heart of the Costa Dorada.

The Costa Dorada -which receives the name of the golden tone that the reflection of the sun gives on the sand of its beaches- is a natural space of great beauty and interest full of contrasts.

It offers a quality tourist offer, history, art, monuments, nature, sport, tradition, gastronomy, quality accommodation ... and is complemented by a series of activities designed so that families can experiment with their children new sensations in an environment natural.

The Costa Dorada is a natural landscape that fully meets the expectations of those who want to live new experiences, it is a natural space, it is a culture of life, with a splendid climate that allows us to enjoy from early morning until well into the early morning.

The Costa Dorada is an ideal place to enjoy family vacations, with an offer and infrastructures adapted to the needs of the little ones.

The Plot of Land is located 500m from the tourist, gastronomic and commercial center of Cambrils, and its main sandy beaches and the nautical-sport-fishing port. Municipality certified with the seal of quality of Family Tourism Destination, and known internationally.

Cambrils is one of the most beautiful and charming towns on the Costa Dorada. It is located 20 km south of Tarragona and 100 km south of Barcelona. This small fishing village is without doubt a very good choice for your holidays, especially if you come with your family.

Cambrils is sea, it is a beach, it is gastronomy, it is family tourism, it is sports and water tourism, it is leisure and it is relaxation. Cambrils is a beautiful seaside town.


The project as it is proposed, offers a good profitability, being viable its operation of development and construction, its commercialization, as well as the exploitation of the holiday complex, in an environment where this constructive capacity of this type of use is scarce and with a growing demand currently in the Costa Dorada area.
The estimated total investment of € 60.723.000 and profits from the sale and commercialization of the pre-tax complex of € 20.425.000- (profitability of 33,5%).
The master plan is proposed with a 5/6-year execution.


Because it is located in the heart of the Costa Dorada, in Cambrils-Vinyols i els Arcs, a family tourist town, it allows the development of a "Resort" type resort that makes it unique in the area, due to its hotel exclusivity and constructive dimension of the project .

Due to its physical and legal characteristics, they make it very attractive for the immediate development of the project with operational guarantees of success.

By the three owners willing to bet on the project, and that can be of great advantage to minimize the risk and ensure security in the development of the project.

By the commercial viability of the project: the interannual growth indicators of international tourism in the area, the increase in occupancy and overnight stays reaching limits of 89%, the constant increase in demand for holiday homes, and the existence of similar projects consolidated and successful in the area and in need of expansion.

For being economically profitable resulting in good economic benefits before taxes in 5 years, the time to develop, build, sell and put into operation the Resort project.

Because it allows developing a large strategic real estate project in the area that will generate a great economic-labor impact, with job creation, and that will give prestige, recognition, and positioning among the collective and the tourist-hotel environment.

Because it is a profitable and attractive property for investments linked to the Spain Golden Visa Program, with the creation of companies generating economic impact and employment positions, and with the possibility of investing in real estate assets resulting from urban development.

More information:

A unique and special purchase in the heart of the tourist expansion area of ​​the Costa Dorada, and offering a good opportunity for real estate business.

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